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Pianos for People

Pianos for People was established in December of 2012 as a service connecting unwanted pianos to individuals and families who could not otherwise afford one. To date, Pianos for People has collected, restored, and delivered an average of one piano a week, for a total 140 pianos. In the fall of 2014, Pianos for People opened a teaching space on Cherokee Street to provide free piano lessons to the community. Pianos for People now offers group classes for a variety of ages, private lessons to advanced students, open rehearsal time for anyone to stop in and play, piano camps and community events - all for free. Pianos for People breaks down the financial barriers that keep many families from providing music lessons for their children - something that has been proven to increase IQ, creativity, critical thinking and focus among a long list of other essential skills for success. The free pianos bring music into homes, inspiring creativity and strengthening family bonds while free music lessons create a community of support and respect.
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